A company called Yoyo Mats out of Los Angeles just made life a lot easier for yogis around the world by creating something all of us need but didn’t even realize it: a self-rolling yoga mat. The name is pretty self-explanatory: we’ve all been guilty of walking out of the gym or yoga studio with a half unrolled mat or one that’s falling out of our bag, but Yoyo Mats is making sure that will never happen with its revolutionary mat. While the product initially launched as a Kickstarter last year, all preorders have now been fulfilled so the mats are now on sale to the general public, just in time for the holidays. Inspired by a slap-on wristband, the mat not only rolls up by itself but will stay completely flat while in use. While the idea might seem simple enough, inventor Aaron Thorton received a U.S. Utility Patent for his creation. Check out a video of how the mats work here, and visit the Yoyo Mats site to order yours now.