Your Winter Travel Essentials Checklist

The fortunate among us will be looking forward to an upcoming vacation during the holiday season. As most avid travellers will acknowledge, there is literally no better feeling than packing your bags and setting off to experience the joys of wanderlust for a couple of days or weeks.

Nevertheless, before you can actually take off, there’s the ever bothersome chore of preparing and packing. It’s an infinitely tiresome task that doesn’t seem to get any less so, despite the number of times you do it. As often occurs, there’s also the hassle of getting to the airport or on the plane, only to realize that you’ve forgotten some essential item which you can’t really do without, such as your toothbrush, phone charger or passport, if you’re really unlucky.

Even the most well-seasoned travellers experience the all-too-common phenomenon, so we’ve made your life a little bit easier by putting together the essential checklist of everything you need to throw into your suitcase before you board that plane.

Your Winter Travel Essentials Checklist


If you’re trying to travel on a budget, avoid splurging extra cash on dubious plane and airport food by packing a steady supply of snacks to keep you going during your journey. Go for healthy snacks such as protein bars, packed sandwiches and mini packets of nuts. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, hunt down the nearest supermarket and do a snack haul that will last you for the entire length of your stay. No need to stop at random eateries every time hunger strikes, giving you more time for exploring.

Stuff to Keep You Busy

Traveling often involves long journeys on planes, trains and buses and it can get pretty tedious waiting for a 3 hour journey to pass with nothing better to do. Put this time to good use by taking along something to keep you occupied throughout the journey such as books, music or of course, your trusty tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the rapid advances in mobile technology, there are a variety of handy downloadable mobile apps that will keep you happily occupied for hours. Gaming ones are especially popular options, with various quizzes, adventure games and casino games all accessible from mobile platforms.

Winter Travel Wardrobe

The key to packing clothes for your winter getaway is to include a couple of mix and match items that will keep you warm while still making you look good. Warm and fashionable can be a challenge of course, but it doesn’t have to be. Start off with the basics such as underwear, thick socks and thermal vests and keep the layers coming. Depending on the duration of your trip, pack a warm sweater for each day along with up to 3 pairs of pants, one of which should be black. When it comes to shoes, comfortable walking boots are your best option, being waterproof, and since they go with practically anything. Don’t forget to accessorize with beanies, scarves and gloves to keep the cold out.

The Things You Literally Cannot Travel Without

You know the ones we’re referring to essentials such as passports, credit cards, ID cards, boarding passes and the like. Of course, nowadays it’s a lot easier to keep track of all your documents in a virtual folder on your smartphone but there are some things which you will physically need to have on you. Keep these in your bag from the night before you travel and set a reminder to ensure you don’t forget them.

Toiletries and Other Health Essentials

Make a list of all the toiletries you will be needing one for your trip, taking into consideration whether you will need to take smaller amounts if only taking a carry on luggage. It can be super easy to forget your contact lenses solution or your make up remover since these are the kinds overlooked items which we use on a daily basis. It  Additionally, keep in mind that places like planes can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, so to avoid getting sick on your trip, make sure to carry around a handbag-friendly bottle of hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes to use on your hands as well as to wipe down other things such as your airplane food tray.