Your Boy Tony Braxton is the 80’s inspired soft-rock indie project of beloved rapper Shad.  The project’s debut album Adult Contempt came out this past summer and this week Your Boy dropped a video for album cut “Good (Enough).” Directed by Justin Broadbent, the video features Your Boy in a 90’s flashback as a hipster video rental store worker and Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning just wanting to rent a VHS of Speed 2. As Shad told Noisey

So, this is a song about a man who’s just beginning to understand what’s behind his loneliness, insecurity, and rage, “Why am I always alone, even when I’m with someone? ‘Cause I’m not looking for someone to love. I’m looking for an enemy. (I’m looking) for the dreams and the people I wasn’t good enough for”

Broadbent added…

“I wanted to make a video that affirmed it was ok to like things like Speed 2. We often get in our heads about our futures or art making and need to take a step back and truly enjoy things for what they are.”

Watch the “Good (Enough)” video above.

Adult Contempt is out now on Arts & Crafts, grab a copy here. You can also catch Your Boy live with Tokyo Police Club at Toronto’s Mod Club December 8th, 9th & 10th.