Scottish hip hop act Young Fathers have released their new track made for Danny Boyle’s upcoming cult classic sequel T2: Trainspotting. Titled “Only God Knows,” the new powerful track is a perfect example of what the band calls “punk-gospel.”

As the story goes, Young Fathers and the prolific novelist Irvine Welsh first met in 2015, when Welsh was making a TV documentary about creativity in their mutual hometown, Edinburgh. Director Danny Boyle discovered Young Fathers shortly after their 2014 Mercury Prize win. As a result Young Fathers landed six tracks on the film’s score and soundtrack. 

Young Fathers got word on T2 features while working in the studio with Los Angeles-based producer Dave Sitek. The guys brought one of the demos back home to Edinburgh, met up with Boyle to tour the T2 film set and then finished the song with the voices of the Leith Congregational Choir, because there’s “nothing like singing with your aunties.”

Listen to “Only God Knows” below now.