Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box

via Uncrate

Now look at this! Following on the heels of legendary rock band the Beatles, and legendary Jazz musician Mile Davis comes the legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s remastered and released album collection.  Having played the cello since age four, Yo-Yo Ma is without a doubt one of the most revered cellists of our time, which is highlighted most clearly with the release of  Yo-Yo Ma: 30 Years Outside the Box. This massive box set celebrates Ma’s legacy by including every album he’s ever recorded, along with two discs of unreleased and rare recordings, spread across 90 discs, entirely remastered with DSD technology to bring even the oldest recordings up to modern standards. Further to this, there is a 312-page hard-bound book, filled with archival photos, essays, track lists, and more, all housed in a beautiful velvet-lined book inspired by the instrument that made him famous. The Cello. This massive and thoroughly extensive discography comes in at about $500 USD, which is small pittance compared to the 90 discs and book you get in return.