In the thick of America’s Republican National Convention, YG has dropped a remix of his anti-Trump anthem “FDT” (short for “Fuck Donald Trump”). Rallying together some more rappers up the west coast, G-Eazy and Macklemore come to really speak their true feelings about the official Republican Presidential Candidate.

Hold onto your laughs until you’ve had a listen – it’s perhaps the first time we’ve ever heard G-Eazy not mention Saint Laurent in a drop, and he leaves an impressively scathing read on the Trump’s racist rhetoric.

Macklemore puts his two cents in and throws out the usual fleeing-to-Canada comment Americans have been semi-not-joking about since Trump was deemed the presumptive GOP nominee. But Macklemore being Macklemore, he stands by his activism and says he isn’t going anywhere:

I’ma stay right here
I ain’t living in fear
with people who are Muslim, Mexican, and queer
and we ain’t gonna let you fuck up four years

Listen to “FDT Part 2” below.