[yellow tail] wine Taste Life Contest


TasteLife Challenge

With summer in full swing it’s important to seize every single moment you possibly can (because it’s winter nine months of the year in Canada)! Get out to that concert, street festival, take a beach day, or just go hang out at the park and enjoy life in our beautiful city! This #summer2014 [yellow tail] wine invites Canadians to enter their #TasteLife contest, push your limits, take in new exciting experiences, and, take a photo while you’re at it. Let’s be honest, did it even happen if it’s not on Instagram #selfie?

One of our favourite ways to #TasteLife in the summer is to hit up a music festival, see all of the bands (yes, all of them), take some rad photos, and make memories with friends that get us through the colder months of the year.

So what’s the #TasteLife contest you ask? Well we all know the best way to share your experiences is gratuitously on Instagram and [yellow tail] wine invites all of us to capture and share a moment tasting life this summer.

Post a photo up on your Instagram tagging @YellowtailCanada and #TasteLife for your chance to win some amazing prizes, announced weekly. Not only that, but the overall winning photo will be used to inspire a limited edition label for [yellow tail] wine bottle which will be available in Canada next year.

Can’t wait to #TasteLife with you this #Summer2014!

Taste Life Challenge Festival