A partial price list for YEEZY Season 3 has been leaked on Reddit. It’s known that the Season 3 instalment is priced lower than the previous 2 seasons, however that doesn’t mean the pieces are cheap. A torn mohair sweater runs for $1800 USD, for example. Have a look at the leaked prices below; more details will follow as soon as we have official pricing.

yeezy-season-3-price-list-1 yeezy-season-3-price-list-2 yeezy-season-3-price-list-3 yeezy-season-3-price-list-4 yeezy-season-3-price-list-5 yeezy-season-3-price-list-6 yeezy-season-3-price-list-7 yeezy-season-3-price-list-8 yeezy-season-3-price-list-9 yeezy-season-3-price-list-10 yeezy-season-3-price-list-11 yeezy-season-3-price-list-12 yeezy-season-3-price-list-13