Yeasayer “Glass of the Microscope” Music Video


Yeasayer return with a new video for the Fragrant World track “Glass of the Microscope” which pretty much tells the story of the lyrics, inside the tower of Naturalis in the Dutch province of Leiden which houses the largest collection of natural history objects in Holland.

It’s usually sealed from the public but director and Dutch filmmaker Ruben van Leer, who specializes in scientific art got Yeasayer in there to shoot the video some months ago. Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder all dressed up in white lab coat (Ira got some super cool glasses too) to act out this post-apocalyptic video which was also shot in part inside molecular biologist Hans Tanke’s lab at Leiden University.

It’s an incredibly well done video, for the most technical track on the album. Watch below.