Yeasayer at Governors Ball Music Festival 2013

Yeasayer Governors Ball 2013

Yeasayer took to the Sky Vodka tent on the final day of Governors Ball Music Festival loud and proud. Lead vocalist Chris Keating welcomed everyone, expressing how there’s nothing quite like playing for a hometown crowd, especially when many of them were standing in a foot of deep thick mud.

“I’ve lived here for ten years, I consider myself a New Yorker”, expressed Keating, who, unlike likely half the crowd can actually say that truthfully, as people invariably take on the “New Yorker” status, far to early when living in the city. They played tracks from All Hour Cymbals, Odd Blood, and last years Fragrant World, which is a befitting title for the smell that permiated the festival grounds last weekend.

They even played a couple new tracks, which we hope to hear in proper mastered format soon enough once released, as we remember little to nothing of them, as hits like “O.N.E”, “Wait for the Summer”, “Madder Red”, and “Henrietta” quickly overshadowed the fresh tunes.

Keating continued to express his love for playing in New York, “and driving home to watch Game of Thrones, in my fur, holding my axe, with my heirum… by heirum I mean my wife,” an we remember this candid attitude from when we sat down with him last summer at Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal.

Watch that interview below and check out some photos from their set at Governors Ball last weekend.

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