Get ready for the most exciting museum exhibition in decades. Curators have put together an impressive survey of Japanese Pop Art pioneer Yayoi Kusama’s career, which spans seven decades, and they’ve included six of her famed ‘infinity mirror’ rooms. That’s right: the most Instagramable art installation of our generation is coming to a city near you. If it isn’t as near to you as you’d like, it’s time to take this recommendation seriously and start saving your coin. You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Kusama’s infinity mirror rooms are exactly as described: they are rooms lined with mirrors on every surface from floor to ceiling, invoking a sensation of endlessness so rarely experienced in our daily lives. The most popular infinity room has a permanent home at The Broad museum in Los Angeles where the mirrored room is covered in multicolored fairy lights and a tiny platform to stand on, making you feel as if you’re traveling through a tear in space and time.

You’ve most likely seen Adele perform When We Were Young inside of it earlier this year, and she immediately booked a visit after seeing Katy Perry’s post on Instagram. Have the phone number of your nearest host museum plugged on speed dial – reservations to experience a Kusama mirror room are swiped up instantaneously and often prompt 5 hour-long queues.

The Yayaoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors North American tour is scheduled for stops starting in February 23, 2017 at the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, Seattle Art Museum (June 30–Sept.
10, 2017), The Broad in Los Angeles (Oct. 2017–Jan. 2018), the Art Gallery of Ontario
(March–May 2018) and finally the Cleveland Museum of Art (July–Oct. 2018).

Head over to The Broad’s website for more information about Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors.