The summer months have us all in our heads about the perfect beach bod, so it’s no shocker that we seak out high intensity workout classes. While some push you so far you think you might vomit, what if you could achieve the perfect sculpted body without all the unnecessary stress of an instructor yelling at you with reflection staring back at you telling you to stop? You’d be into that right?


Founded back in 2010 by the incredible Amber Joliat, MISFIT offers a variety of classes that flow freely into sequence from yoga to dance to pilates. Much of their classes focus on building strength through inviting softness into the body, and connection to the momentum that builds in your heart as you move for one hour.

Unlike other classes that can create tension in the body in unnecessary places it doesn’t need to be, MISFIT is about connection to ones physical, emotional, and spiritual body. You leave lifted, sweaty, but also centred.


It’s a bit tough to sum up their classes in terms of genre, so we’ll let the MISFIT ethos do the explaining real quick. “Rooted in yoga, informed by Pilates, inspired by dance, the MISFITMETHOD is an untangling of the soul.”

There are three types of classes including mat, reformer, and barre. Whether you’re on the mat doing ab and oblique work, toning your legs on the reformer, or getting a massive stretch on the barre, each MISFIT class targets and invites presence found through movement.


They’ve got two locations in Toronto west end. One overlooking Queen Street West in a cool old converted church  and one just a few more blocks west on Ossington on a sunny second floor. Both spaces are filled with light and energy. Expect the inviting scent of palo santo upon arrival.


Both studios are filled with natural light, energy, and most importantly, there are no mirrors which once again encourage you to be present, heightening your consciousness (instead of making you feel self consciousness), and allow you to fully connect with your body as you move.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a class lead by owner Amber Joliat you’ll likely be treated to a cosmic forecast before your begin to work out to some awesome tunes. Expect the inviting scent of palo santo upon arrival into each lush studio brimming with lush oxygen producing plants.

Be sure to show up a few minutes before class (if it’s your first class, maybe give yourself 15 minutes) as they tend to be quite prompt. You’ll be out of luck if you arrive even a few minutes past the scheduled start time.

Dive into their range of classes here.


There are few workouts that hit on the number of levels a MISFIT class does. You sweat, you lengthen, you laugh, you stretch, you tone, and feel elegant through it all.

While most classes range from medium to high intensity, they’re balanced by moments of calm so you’re able to check in with yourself depending on how you’re feeling or where you might be carrying tension. No matter which class you choose expect to leave feeling uplifted, sweaty, toned, more present with a full hand of endorphins for the day!


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