Wolf Parade – New Album, Album Art & Tracklisting

Oh joy! A couple of weeks ago we presented to you our review of the Wolf Parade concert here in Toronto. Along with this review we also posted up a video featuring new tracks from their forthcoming third album EXPO 86. As we said in the review, the show featured a plethora of new tracks all of which sounded pretty stellar! Well today we are happy to present to you all the pertinent details regarding Expo 86, starting with the release date of June 29, along with the album art (shown above) and the tracklist (shown below). Are you all as excited as we are? Yeah you are!

Check it out!

EXPO 86:

01 Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
02 Palm Road
03 What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)
04 Little Golden Age
05 In the Direction of the Moon
06 Ghost Pressure
07 Pobody’s Nerfect
08 Two Men in New Tuxedos
09 Oh You, Old Thing
10 Yulia
11 Cave-o-Sapien