Winter has come, people.

As if the season didn’t already suck, we’re forced to replace our killer kicks and velvet ankle booties for cold weather boots that are anything but stylish.

…or so we thought.

Fortunately, there is such thing as winter boots that won’t kill your vibe and will still keep your feet dry and warm.

Naturally, these boots aren’t going to replace your heavy duty snow boots during a blizzard, but for those days that there is less snow and more slush, they’ll to the trick.

Check out 10 pairs of winter boots that don’t actually look like winter boots below. You’re welcome.

1. Emu Ellin Boot, $290

The Chelsea boot, winterized. Waterproof and lined with shearling, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry without sacrificing your style.

2. Ugg Keppler Leather Boot, $275.

Don’t let the brand name fool you  — Uggs have come a long way from the twinface sheepskin boots popular in the early 2000s. The rubber bottoms will keep you from slipping, while the water-resistant leather and wool interior are perfect for those winter days.

3. Sorel Women’s Addington Lace Holiday Boot, $320

Sorels have also changed from those clunky boots you wore as a teen to shovel your parents’ driveway. These heeled booties are — you guessed it! — waterproof and lined with shearling and microfleece.

4. Frye Natalie Short Engineer Lug Shearling, $769.35.

OK, these have a pretty hefty price tag, but Frye boots are built to last. This particular pair will have you cold-weather ready thanks to its water-resistant pebbled leather and shearling-lined interior.

5. Palladium Pallabrouse, $225.

You live in your baggys in the fall, so why not get yourself a pair for the winter? This particular version is waterproof and fleece-lined, so you’ll feel OK walking through the slush in them.

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