Live Music: Wild Beasts at Mod Club, Toronto

On yet another musical Monday, we had the pleasure of taking in UK favourite Wild Beasts at the Mod Club.

We’re still fairly new listeners to these eccentric young things but we were pleasantly surprised by the wall of influence that crashed up against us as they began their set.

Ever humble as they are, they thanked us brave Monday concert goers for bearing the humidity to come to the show.

With the main vocalists switching back and forth between keys and guitar, the two created a pretty diverse sound reminiscent at times of The Smiths, Joy Division, and The Editors. The crowd remained for the most party fairly divided, some obviously rocking out to tracks from Limbo Panto and others to tracks from the ever popular Two Dancers.

Being fans of most things current we loved hearing Two Dancers live almost in its entirety. Check out some photos from their latest T.O. set below.