You may know Wiki as one of the three members of rad NY rap act Ratking, but now the dude is steppin out on his own and releasing his own project titled Lil Me, out next week. He’s just dropped an action packed video for his new single “Livin’ With My Moms” featuring Queens kid and World’s Fair bb Nasty Nigel. In the Londo directed video Wiki and Nasty Nigel are playing a show when they realize that their moms have been kidnapped. The two dudes go into superhero mode, flying over the city and saving the day, all over a slick beat by Black Noi$e. We asked Nasty Nigel about the song and video’s inception and he explained…

Londo thought the beat sounded like a triumphant superhero theme song and we just went with it and trusted his vision. I’ve known Wik for a few years now. Our scene isn’t too far apart and when he started making the album he invited me over to the studio to chill, drink, and smoke. I went over to the studio when Wiki was laying down the first verse + hook and I laughed because I related to it so much. Living with your mom in NY is becoming such an uncommon thing because no one is really from here. He thought it would make sense for me to just jump in and make a verse. Everything just fell into place and no one really planned it.

Check out the dope video above. Lil Me is due out December 7, peep below for the tracklist.

1. WikiFlag (pt.1 prod. Madlb / pt.2 prod. Sporting Life)
2. Livin’ with My Moms ft. Nasty Nigel (prod. Black Noi$e)
3. Seedy Motherfucker (prod. Black Mack)
4. Hit the L ft. Hak (prod. Sporting Life)
5. Old Blocks New Kids ft. Jadasea (prod. Sporting Life)
6. Cherry Tree ft. Micachu (prod. Micachu & Sporting Life)
7. God Bless Me ft. Sporting Life & Skepta (prod. Skywlkr)
8. Club Shit (prod. DJ Lucas)
9. Lil Me (prod. Sporting Life)
10. 3 Stories (prod. Kaytranada)
11. Whole Half ft. Antwon & Jesse James Solomon (prod. Yung Gutted)
12. Sunday School Dropout ft. Hak (prod. Harry Fraud)
13. Patience ft. Antwon (prod. Sporting Life)
14. Crib Tax (prod. Kaytranada)
15. Ioneedmuch ft. Teddy AF (prod. Sporting Life)
16. Sonatine ft. Slicky Boy (prod. Lee Bannon)
17 Sun Showers ft. Teddy AF (prod. Black Mack)