Powders are tricky. It’s really hard to find a good one that suits your skin tone perfectly, not to mention one that doesn’t cake and has the right amount of coverage to get you through the day. It’s nearly impossible. At least we thought it was, until we found Glossier’s latest product, Wowder.

The formula is the lightest, most airiest powder we have ever used. It helps cut the shine and when applied looks like your actual skin. No cake! This powder is perfect for setting foundation and concealer, or can work on its own to blur the appearance of pores or any uneven skin tone. What Wowder is really great at, is not hiding your natural glow. It’s almost like a dewy matte. Whatever it is, it’s good.

Wowder is available in three shades and can be purchased as a set with the Wowder Brush. We would strongly recommend this fluffy brush, as it evenly distributes the product and feels lovely on the skin. You also save money when you order the Wowder and the Wowder Brush together. Get yours online now.

image by Hawley Dunbar for Sidewalk Hustle