Why Summer is Weight Loss Season

The warmer weather is here and each and every year around this time, consumers are served advertisements or campaigns around getting your “summer body” ready. The summer months are known to be weight-loss season, to prep our bodies for summer outfits and bathing suits. One major way consumers begin to get ready for weight-loss season is through their nutrition. To help with this, many brands, including meal kit delivery services, will start to push their  “healthy” or “calorie-wise” options, leveraging the known weight-loss season amongst consumers. For more information check out these meal brands that cater to those looking to eat healthier as we head into the warmer months of the year.

The months leading up to summer are crucial for those who are looking to make a change in their diet. Summer means warmer weather, which inevitably leads to showing off more of our bodies and so this season is known as weight-loss season, as it is common for many consumers to want to get in better shape after spending the colder months in sweaters and full length pants.

Along with exercise, the main driver that helps consumers lose weight is maintaining a healthy, fully balanced diet. Studies have shown that nutrition plays more of a role in weight loss than endless amounts of exercise, but if consumers don’t have the healthiest diet, changing their typical weekly meals can sometimes be difficult.

This is where meal kit delivery service brands come in. For those unfamiliar with meal kit delivery services, there are an array of brands in this growing industry to choose from. The model for most organizations is fairly similar. Consumers are invited to explore a brand’s easy to use online database, which showcases a variety of beautifully photographed meals available for selection. When browsing through meals, consumers are able to see all the ingredients required for each selection, and these ingredients are proportioned based on your preferred number of servings, and sent directly to your home for you to prepare. Having the transparency to see what is in each of these meals is great for those looking to lose weight or who are closely tracking their nutrition. What is great about most meal kit delivery service brands, is they operate on a flexible subscription service. If you are looking to closely track your meals for a certain time period, there is no long term commitment or minimum timeframe that you must continue to order meals, and you can take advantage of meal kit delivery brand services for however many weeks you choose to do so.

Additionally, most of these meal kit delivery service brands have a “healthy” category to make finding their healthier meal options easier for consumers. An example of this would be one of the leading brands in the industry, Hello Fresh, which offers consumers multiple categories to help with their weight-loss goals. Currently, consumers can browse through their Calorie Smart menu, which showcases meals that are 650 calories or less per serving, or their Carb Smart menu, which includes meals that have less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per serving. 

Other brands in this space cater their entire menu to healthy food options. One brand that does this is LiveFit, where the organization vows to only offer meals made of whole foods and natural ingredients. On their website, they let consumers know that within a few days of enjoying their meals, consumers will notice a difference since the empty calories in their diet are being replaced with nutrient rich ingredients.

In conclusion, if you are looking to lose weight in the near future,  meal kit delivery service brands are ready to assist. Whether this is by helping you to incorporate a few more healthy and balanced meals into your diet, or providing you will all natural meals, there are a variety of choices for consumers to browse upon. The transparency meal kit delivery service brands offer by listing ingredients on their website is also conducive to those looking to track their nutrition a bit more closely in hopes of dropping a few pounds for “weight-loss season”. Try a meal kit delivery service brand this year and see how it changes your own weight-loss results.