Why Canada should consider Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to grow which is why many people in Canada are starting to mull their options when it comes to investing in the biggest crypto of them all. For the past 12 years, the coin has become a mainstay in the industry and has garnered attention from people who want to give a shot at investing in this asset. 

Canada’s approach to crypto has improved because Bitcoin has made an impact in some of the companies in the country. One of them is Ark Invest which started to buy Bitcoin this year. 

Bitcoin has made some good strides, and it would be wise for people to try using Bitcoins in Canada, playing in casino for example. It can make their lives simple and easy. You can use Bitcoin in various ways, from necessity to leisure.

Bitcoin has proven its worth as the leading crypto in years

Microstrategy, Tesla, and Square are all big companies that have used Bitcoin in their funds. There are even macro traders, such as Guggenheim, who believe Bitcoin should be worth at least $400,000. That shows the rising value of the coin in the years to come.

On top of that, Bitcoin is slowly making waves in terms of being a central coin for all. Small countries such as El Salvador have started a new era with Bitcoin now as it becomes one of their main currencies, along with the US dollar. That shows Bitcoin’s potential to be legalized as a legal tender.

As the crypto world continues to grow, its popularity also keeps on reaching every corner of the world, and Canada is one of those countries that have been struck by the hype. New users enter this industry every day, and even if Bitcoin is volatile along with other coins and tokens, they still think this is worth it and try their best in investing.

There are some scepticisms about Bitcoin such as being a scam. That was the main belief in the past but it has since been disproven. 

Canada is home to some of the best crypto wallets

Canada is not late when it comes to the latest trends in Bitcoin. It’s now easy to store digital assets like Bitcoin in secured and trusted crypto wallets. Canada has boasted the likes of ZenGo and Ledger as its top wallets so far.

Zengo offers a secure digital wallet. Storing Bitcoin on this one should not be that hard because it is easy to use. The use of facial biometrics has allowed people to skip the use of passwords, private keys and seed phrases.

This type of security has been one of the safest systems in the crypto world. With the use of ZenGo, people can send Bitcoin anytime, anywhere without any fees. Ledger, on the other hand, is a cold storage unit for Bitcoin. The rise of Ledger Nano X is one of the best alternatives for those who look for a hardware Bitcoin wallet. This is also one of the highly-recommended wallets from crypto users all over the world.

Using Bitcoins in Canada, playing in casino for example, should not be a hassle to many people at this point. It is fair to say that there is a great advantage to those who want to get into the crypto industry. After all, one can try to use it in many different ways, from investing to using it as an actual currency to buy products.

Going for Bitcoin is a way to make people’s lives better. It is also an act to pave the way for a better digital era.