Have you fallen for Whitney yet? The sweet like maple syrup Chicago folk act is some what of an indie super group, made up of vocalist/drummer Julien Ehrlich (formally of Unknown Mortal Orchestra) and Max Kakacek (ex-Smith Westerns). We’ve got their new single “No Woman” on repeat, on which Ehrlich sings…

“I left drinkin’ on the city train to spend some time on the road/Then one morning I woke up in LA, caught my breath on the coast/I’ve been going through a change/I might never be sure/I’m just walking in a haze/I’m not ready to turn.”

It’s the kinda track that immediately sinks under your skin and haunts you with a hug. Julien explains…

“‘No Woman’ started to take shape when I woke up on a friend’s floor one morning. He was taking a shower and the chorus popped into my head while I was grabbing my stuff to go home. Later on Max and I sat down and wrote the chords and song structure in our apartment. It’s about losing the love of your life and being thrown into an aimless journey because of it.”

Directed by Hugh Donkin, the video is a whiskey stained dream, featuring the boys throwing axes, lighting cherry bombs and crushing some PBRs. Watch it above.

Stay tuned for Whitney’s debut album is out later this year on Secretly Canadien.