Artist Project returns to Toronto’s Better Living Centre this weekend, and we’re all for it. 300 artists from Canada and beyond have landed, prepped and are now showcasing their creative narrations for all to take in. We’re highlighting just over 15 artists from that 300 roster and their works—these are the pieces and people that caught our attention. And our favourite artist and booth from opening night was Vincent Devine, so if you’re heading to Artist Project, make sure to find the Irishman. He’ll tell you some wild research. Also, try and catch Art Battle and Telegenic. We’re also keen to check out the chats, including Sunday’s 1PM session presented by Akin, a Toronto-based arts organization that provides affordable studio space as well as arts-based programming.

The full list of participating artists can be found here. Check back soon for more coverage and words from some of the artists.


Nuff, Shard, (Shard 5 featured), 2017-2020

Olivia Di Gregorio, Praetermissa, 2019

Mark Johnson, Sky Stories, 2019

Mark Gleberzon, Blue Louis Chair, 2019

PHI, King, 2019

Andrew Sookrah, Another View Gros Morne, 2019

Lora Moore-Kakaletris, l’eau bleue #2, 2019

Elina Lex, Hogtown Sensory Archive, 2019, VR360° video

Jinke Wan, Moral Guardians, 2019

Kendra Yee drawing (printed cloth), 2019, ink, pencil, collage, found object

Joel Sullivan, Iron Lady, 2019

Kira Varvanina, Equanimity, 2019

Diana Bahr- Vintage wax and oil paint on tracing paper photo print and recessed birch panel, 20 x 20

Andre Baynes, My Grandfather’s Altar, 2020

Anna Eyler + Nicolas Lapointe, La Fable d’OxA, 2019

Anthony Vandertuin, Abstract Landscapes, 2019

Vincent Devine, The InBetween, 2019

Main photo snapped by Kathryn Kyte on opening night.