What I Wore: West Berlin Kaleidoscope

Berlin Street Style

Berlin is an interesting city, from the East to West sides, the city continues to surprise us right up to the moment we left. When we first arrived on the East side fresh off Parisian fanciness, we felt pretty overdress for most situations, everyone was so laissez faire about everything, dressed casually and mostly in black. It’s been a while since I’ve felt over dressed but was glad I packed a couple more chilled out options to wear while on the East side.

On the second half of our stay in the city we headed over to the more refined West side of the city, checking in at Berlin’s Soho House, which demands an equally dressed down environment. Luckily I still managed to get dressed up for fancy dinners at modern German restaurants like Lokal and Parker Bowles, so needless to say I was positively itching to wear this gorgeous kaleidoscopic Kaelen dress after the heatwave broke and long sleeves were acceptable still. Since we checked in I was fascinated by this old ivy covered building across the street, so before dinner one evening we decided to wander over and take a look at what tuned out to be a small cemetery. While a tad creepy, it still made for a lovely background to capture this look, playing off the vibrant patterns in this breezy summer dress and really making my new suede Sandro bag pop. I finished the look off simply with a pair of incredible Sophia Webster x J.Crew pumps which provided a much needed little bit of pattern play to my look.

Flip through some closer shots of my look below now.

Berlin Street Style-6

Berlin Street Style-5

Berlin Street Style-4

Berlin Street Style-7

Berlin Street Style-3

Berlin Street Style-2