What I Wore: Weekend Drive

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014

The wonderful thing about living in a global metropolis like Toronto is the vast wealth of cool spots and fun things to do, see and explore. What makes some spots cool is that they are hidden or tucked away, off the beaten path, not easily accessible to everyone. To get there you sometimes you just have to hit the road with some wheels. Easier said than done sometimes.

That’s why we rented a Chevrolet Cruze and hit the road last weekend to explore a few places we knew we might only be able to see with a car. What we were looking for wasn’t anything in particular, and sometimes you just have to drive until you find it. After cruising a few lesser-known streets of our city we found ourselves at one of the old hydro stations, a grand old building that almost looked more like a house than a service facility. Sounds weird, but there was something about the polished exterior of this old building that felt like the perfect place to park and explore a little deeper. Obviously we snapped a few photos, because, the Internet, before we were too cold and had to jump back into the car to warm up.

Dressed more for the drive and our eventual date after, than the elements; I wore an Obey wool checked jacket with leather sleeves, a white silk button down from Joe Fresh which is a staple in my wardrobe at the moment, a faux leather skirt from H&M with zipper detailing, and a pair of two-tone Zara ankle boots. I accented the look with a few warm peachy pieces from Toronto designer Virginia Johnson’s highly giftable holiday collection, which kept me warm outside and during the drive. I love the softness of the hat and the ingenuity of the cut off gloves in a matching knit. They’re not only perfect for driving but also for layering up in the bitter cold days under another pair of gloves (at least your entire hand won’t be cold when you pull your hand out of your glove to send a text!).

Finally to complete the look, I bought my trusty Deadly Ponies bag, which is always by my side (not pictured in these photos because I left it in the car to stay warm). I loaded up on a few rings both midi and statement, and of course a few peach baubles around my neck from my trip to Australia earlier this year.

Voila! Perfect outfit for a day of driving! Take a look at our photos from last weekend below.

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-2

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-3

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-4

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-5

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-6

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-7

Hawley Dunbar Street Style November 2014-8

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