What I Wore: Warm (Ish) Winter Days

Winter -Schmaltz - Standing Full Body

After spending weeks upon weeks in the negative double-digit temperature zone, any modicum of warmth is celebrated to the fullest. So early this week, when the sub-polar temperatures of -30 Celsius, managed to climb up to an almost tropical -6 Celsius, I threw on my “almost spring” gear and spend some time basking in the frigid warmth.

First off, I traded in my Canada Goose coat for a much lighter Fjällräven Greenland Jacket no.1 Special Edition, the Swedish brands most classic and iconic pieces. The Greenland Jacket no.1 was the first jackets made by the brand, designed way back in 1968, and has remained relatively the same in fit and appearance since. After all, you don’t mess around with a classic. The special edition version of the jacket has contrasting colouring across the shoulders and on the backsides of the sleeves, with an almost delicate leather band around the hood and the sleeve cuffs. The fabric is the wind and water resistant G-1000 Eco, which is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton that has been covered in a layer of Greenland Wax for extra protection.

Underneath this boss jacket, I wore a floral print oxford long sleeve button-down, from Japanese mega-retailer Uniqlo, which added a little pop of colour to the otherwise grey and dreary day. Buttoned up to the top of course. For pants, nothing beats New York favourite, a pair of KITH Mercer Pants, which always make my legs look skinny and fit, oh the illusion of black. For those of you who don’t know, the Mercer Pant was KITH’s first apparel silhouette, and has since gone on to become a legend in the game of ankle-cuffed pants. The pant is basically a classic chino redesigned with a very tailored fit and ribbed ankle cuffs designed to highlight and showoff your sneaker game. Ideal for my everyday life!

Speaking of sneakers, there are very few things that make me feel better in life than cracking open a box of fresh new kicks. For this, I decided it would be a pair of white with black detailing, adidas Superstars. Oh how that gold label sparkled in the sun. Oh how I almost cried when I thought I got slush on them. Continuing to add to the illusion, of warmth, I put on a pair of tropical themed socks from the king of cool-guy socks, Stance. These guys make a sock for all occasions, themes and whimsical fancy. Love it. Rounding out the look was the grey and black AFL Collingwood Magpie New Era fitted that I copped last year, this time, when we took the Sidewalk Hustle show on the road to Australia.

All in all, it really wasn’t a warm day, but the need to get outside was overwhelming and much needed. Even though it is grey, dreary and cold, it doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fresh. The Hustle never stops.

Take a look at the full look below.

Winter -Schmaltz - Standing Full Body Angle

Winter -Schmaltz - Half Body Staring

Winter -Schmaltz - Chest

Winter -Schmaltz-adidas close up

Winter -Schmaltz-adidas close up-Straight on