What I Wore | Traveling To Osheaga 2012

Heading to Osheaga this morning super bright and early (seriously, 6:45am flights suck, even when you’re flying Porter), so I thought I’d rock something easy yet kinda bohemian hippie chic that I might not be able to pull off at the festival later today. 

I chose this stunning vintage high low dress from 69 Vintage because it’s light and easy to roll out of bed at 5am in and still look put together, as much as any festival hippie can. I paired it with my favourite Miista Alexa heels because I haven’t been able to rock them much since I ordered them and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear them later at the festival because of all the uneven ground and stage hopping I’d be doing.

I usually travel with laptop in my handy Goyard St. Louis tote (so I can make on-the-fly posts like this possible), but it seemed a tad  too fancy for a 6am flight so I brought this linen colour blocked tote from Gap instead! I love it because it’s bright, functional, generally inexpensive (only $49.95!), and most importantly roomy! It made for a nice contrast to the dreamy purple and turquoise dress and I didn’t feel bad shoving it under the seat during the flight like I usually do my Goyard bag.

For accessories I threw on a series of necklaces including my new favourite turquoise necklace from Bicyclette Boutique, my vintage coy fish necklace, and the amazingly easy to layer Spear necklace from Niki & Lola. My arm party, was kind of thrown together, mostly because I couldn’t see straight it was so early, but is was mix of vintage cuffs, a vintage watch, a zig zag bangle from Bicyclette Boutique, and my vintage gold pearls. On the other arm I wore the Raj bracelet alone, leading down to a bunch of rings that were mostly vintage with the exception of the In God We Trust heart ring. The shades to cover up the bags under my eyes are from Vestal.

I’ll be snapping a few photos of what I wore to the festival later today so stay tuned for that. Be sure to check out our festival must-see guide and have super rad day at the festival!