What I Wore: Summer Sun with H&M Loves Coachella

Coachella x HM Mens-Half Body-Full Body forward

With less than a month until the official kick off of music festival season with Coachella, we here at Sidewalk Hustle can’t wait for the 3-day musical festival to finally arrive. Sun, music, good times, Coachella stands as a beacon of hope for us Canadians that winter is finally over. It is the first real sense of the promise of summer, as you jam out to incredible music in the plus 30 degree sun. Because the climate is a radical change from the rainy, 8 degree temperature of Toronto, getting dress for the music festival can be a challenge all on its own. Thankfully the good folks over at H&M have a similar love affair with music and have officially collaborated with the behemoth of a music festival on the H&M Loves Coachella collection.

As a dude, dressing for Coachella can appear to be easy, I mean what do you really need? Some shorts, a couple of tees and comfortable shoes, right? Well, it is in that simplicity that I always find the challenge. Coachella is of course a music festival but it is the festival that kicks off all other festivals. It is full of celebrities, models, athletes, and a gathering of super “cool-guys,” everyone is in tip-top form, peacocking away. Well, I’m no schlub, and I can peacock with the best of them, so this means I must have the tightest outfits of them all.

Thankfully H&M is always on trend, and the H&M Loves Coachella collection is on point, designed for one thing. My outfit of choice consists of the extra long tee, and matching short combination. All black except for the word “California” printed in white and split in half across the base of both the shirt and the shorts. Simple, stylish, and pretty cool. One of the most important, often forgotten and underrated accessory for the desert music festival, is the bandana. The bandana acts as a “cool-guy” accessories, but when the sun is at its pinnacle it acts as both cover and a sweat guard. If, and when, the wind starts to blow that desert sand around, the bandana acts as an instant mask. Thankfully, there is a black and white patterned bandana in the collection, integrating perfectly with the outfit.

Even though we travel the world, I always make sure that I represent Toronto, so for this years trip to Coachella, I choose a throwback logo, Toronto Raptors fitted hat from Mitchell & Ness. The purples and the reds on the hat add that much-needed touch of colour to the otherwise completely monochromatic outfit. Finally on my feet a nice lush burgundy coloured Reebok x Distinct Life collaborative GL 6000 sneaker, tying the whole look together perfectly.

Take a look at the whole outfit from top to bottom in the pictures below, then head over to here, to look at the full lookbook and start putting together your Coachella outfit. The H&M Loves Coachella collection will be available on hm.com and in approximately 350 stores in North America beginning on March 19th and worldwide on March 26th.

See you in Indio.

Coachella x HM Mens-half face

Coachella x HM Mens-half-Body

Coachella x HM Mens-Half Body-Full Body-1

Coachella x HM Mens-Half Body-Reebok Sneaker

Coachella x HM Mens-Half Body-Full Body-2

Coachella x HM Mens-Reebok Sneaker