What I Wore: Spring with adidas StellaSport

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-1

It looks like spring is officially starting to show its pretty face these past few days in Toronto and summer is almost somewhat in sight. Just in time to take your indoor workout game slowly outside, the second drop of the adidas StellaSport collection has arrived in stores! Hello new motivation and chic workout gear!

For the continuation of her mega luxe collection of athletic gear, Stella McCartney and adidas take the collection to a more attainable level with StellaSport. But just because the price tags are slightly lower, doesn’t mean the gear is any less fashionable than the namesake collaboration she became so famous for with adidas over the last decade.

I took a few pieces from the latest drop out for a test run in just about the only place in the city that’s green (with collegiate energy) all year-long: the iconic Hart House field. After lacing up the perfect spring pair of pastel hip-hop inspired Yvori Shoes from the collection, I prepared for a day of training on the field, warming up with a couple stretches, a light jog, and high knee jumps.

As someone who tends to lean more towards solo sports, looking and feeling fashionable when being active keeps me motivated. I love the way the StellaSport pieces move with you throughout your workout while keeping you cool and dry with climalite technology. I’ll be wearing the collection well into the sunny summer months too knowing my fair skin will be protected when covered from UV rays up to UPF 50, not that I’m worried about that when most of us are still dealing with vitamin D deficiencies.

Take a look at some photos of the collection in motion below.

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-2

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-3

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-4

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-5

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-6

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-7

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-8

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-9

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-10

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-11

StellaSport Sidewalk Hustle-12

Shop the collection starting April 1st at Sport Chek.