What I Wore: Polar Vortex

What I Wore - Polar Vortex Standing

This winter has quickly become one for the record books. With Ice Storms, cryoseisms (Ice Quakes), and Polar Vortex’s this winter has brought the cold furry of past days of lore. Winter has come, and to make sure I stay warm and remain looking cool (pun intended) as fuck as I go about the my normal life, I have to try just a smidge harder and become a tad bulkier. My outfit consists of the incredibly warm Canada Goose Jacket Bergamo Parka, made from ultra-soft wool and filled with down in a well refined duffle coat-esque silhouette. Underneath that I rocked my New York brand, Mishka rose print fragrant button up in black made from 100% Cotton Poplin. The jeans are an “Arctic” selvadge made in Canada from Naked & Famous, and beluga coloured Chuck Tayler Woodsy winter boots from Converse.  To top off the outfit, I am wearing a warm tweed strapback cap from San Francisco skateboard brand Huf and a pair of glasses with a sunglass clip-on from New York brand MOSCOT.

It may be -39 with windchill out side, but that doesn’t mean you should look like a bundled up schlub. How often do you get to dress for a Polar Vortex? Exactly. Now do up your coat, or you will get sick.

What I Wore - Polar Vortex 1

What I Wore - Polar Vortex Boots Behind

What I Wore - Polar Vortex Walking