What I Wore | Osheaga 2012, Day 3

With my last ounces of energy I managed to collect my hung over self for an amazing final day at Osheaga. I decided since it was going to rain throughout the day (and it did) that this Nowhereland Cosmic Dress would look fashionably appropriate for the dreamy M83, even if it got a bit wet.

The rain managed to subside for a moment and the sun peeked out en route to the festival in the early afternoon when we quickly snapped these photos. I belted the cosmic dress with a vintage studded leather number I found at Upside Dive in Toronto and paired it simply with my favourite vintage Alfred Sung gold necklace.

I decided my Gap colour blocked linen bag would be a good choice to carry all the rain gear I was bringing to cover my camera, a towel, and a quick change for when things got muddy later on. I debuted my neon Emma Go Romeo sandals for a punch of colour on a grey day, and slipped them into one of my many bags later on when it started to rain. I love how together the shoes and bag brought out the detail in the dress and how perfectly my old Cymbals Eat Guitars 90s style slap bracelet went along with it.

I dug out my flashy telephone ghetto charm bracelet from a new defunct New York designer called Office Tramp, to layer up with a zig zag bangle from Bicyclette Boutique, and a couple of other random vintage pieces.