What I Wore: Mild Winter Day

Yesterday we finally had a break from all this winter slush in Toronto, so I thought it would be the perfect day to take a new outfit to the streets to share with you! I took a jaunt over to Yorkville in my beloved New Kid Stealth boots with my Deadly Ponies Mr. Mohawk box in hand, and threw on my new Juma scarf; all of these items have been outfit staples of mine this season and their amazing construction barely shows any wear. 

I started thinking about winter colours, mixing colours and textures for this outfit, which stemmed from my one of a kind vintage virgin wool plaid skirt in a beige and pea green stripe. I found it last season at Value Village and had it altered this year to fit in a more modern way, a trick I often do to find amazing pieces that nobody else will ever have. I layered on my mohair polka dot tank top with the skirt and an elastic belt with gold clasp, and topped it off with this super wearable vintage L.L. Bean blazer in moss green, which I actually found in the mens section at F As In Frank on Queen W. in Toronto.

I actually started off wearing this adorkable pointy mink hat, which I didn’t end up wearing, though it’s always better to be prepared in a Canadian winter. I’ve been practically living in my Juma Geometric Lights scarf since a lovely gentlemen gifted it to me back at Christmas, and I really adore the soft warmth it brings both on a cold day as well as mild one like yesterday.

I thought my Deadly Ponies bag livened things up a bit, as did my neon yellow Lucia shades by Super. Fingers crossed the weather stays like this for a while, because getting dressed is way more fun!