What I Wore: Great White North

Canada Goose Wings Horns Streetstyle

As this seemingly endless winter continues to drag on, causing everyone in sight to feel mentally and physically drained, we figured a much needed change of space was in order. Doing what any good Canadian would do when needed to escape the humdrum of a cruel urban winter, we packed our bags and hit the road for cottage country. After gunning it out of the city like a bat out of hello, our drive “up north” was expectantly uneventful.  Although several degrees colder, the change of scenery was welcomed as we arrived in the land of snowmobiles, frolicking deer and 6 foot deep snowdrifts. You could smell the crisp fresh air instantly. When we weren’t watching ‘The Shining’ or making delicious seasonal cocktails, we were outside exploring the “Great White North.” Craving our own path through the untouched snow we felt instantly at peace, the very thing we needed to help us through the final stretch of winter.

As it is several degrees colder up north, we had to make sure our outfits were appropriate for the arctic playtime, as such the key piece to the outfit was the all black Canada Goose x wings + horns collaboration coat, with complementary black fur trim. The coat is so warm, that I simply rocked a black thermal undershirt from Uniqlo and was nice and toasty in the negative double-digits.  Continuing downwards I suited up in the new grey with neon green flecked Nike Tech Fleece pants made with thermal construction for lightweight warmth in a comfortable style. These badboys are so multipurpose they have quickly become an essential piece in my otherwise extensive wardrobe. In an attempt to add a splash of colour to the otherwise monochromatic outfit, I laced up a pair of wool-lined forest green Pampa Sport Cuff boots from Palladium. Although the Palladium boot mantra is to #ExploreYourCity, I found them the perfect boot for crunching through the snow. Lastly, to round out the look and stay warm I popped on the ‘VAPE’ beanie made from Thinsulate Flex Knit from the homies over at Community 54. There is nothing quite as fun as a comedic logo flip, and the boys over at Community 54 do it the best.

Take a look at the full ‘Great White North’ look below.

What I Wore In the Great White North-Half Body Toque

Muskoka Oudoor - Full Body Edit

What I Wore In the Great White North-Walking

What I Wore In the Great White North-Walking Backwards

What I Wore In the Great White North-Canada Goose Logo

What I Wore In the Great White North-Nike Pants

What I Wore In the Great White North-Palladium Boots

What I Wore In the Great White North-Palladium Boots side