What I Wore: Governors Ball Music Festival 2013

Governors Ball Street Style

A muddy mess isn’t exactly the most ideal condition for sporting bad ass festival garb, and let me tell you first hand, that getting dressed for Governors Ball and keeping clean while on site was a real challenge. I packed many outfits, some complex mixing vintage and new, high and low, among other more clichéd festival looks like cut-off shorts and fringed shirts, but all my planning went out the window when Tropical Storm Andrea swooped down and basically took a literal shit on the festival grounds of Randalls Island.

Man was I ever happy to have packed my brand new Aigle Boots, perfectly fashionable and not the generic Hunters nearly everyone seemed to be sporting. After braving the rain in my brand new K Way jacket on the first day, and under dressing for what turned into a chilly rainy evening on Saturday, I decided Sunday to brave it all and wear my white (ek!) vintage romper scored at the end of last summer at a vintage shop in Montreal following Osheaga. I haven’t had many opportunities to rock it, and I would have much rather paired it with my Alexa Miista huarache sandals, but as you can see from the photos below the boots were an absolute necessity.

Belted with a vintage belt from the late Upside Dive, layered Biko neon ‘Third Eye’ necklace with others from J.Crew, and Pamela Love, a solid arm party featuring my beloved vintage Hermes bangle, another Biko ‘Third Eye’ bracelet to match, a  Jaya multi-chain and a few chainmailles, and my trusty Daniel Wellington watch, and my Deadly Ponies Mr. Mohawk Box, I was ready to rock.

Take a look through two stages of mud below and my arm party detail below. The last photo is courtesy of Teen Vogue who snapped me looking tired during Grizzly Bear’s set (note the mud smear on my leg, yuck!).

Governors Ball Outfit Details

Aigle Boots Mud

Aigle Boots