What I Wore: First Day of Summer

U of T - Sitting Hands -1

Remember when “Global Warming” was being said all of the time? Then it de-evolved into a type of joke to make when it was unseasonably cold like “I thought it was supposed to be warm, with Global Warming?” Notice how those jokes have slowly disappeared and have been replaced with the very real, climate change? Notice how when it rains, it pours, and how when it’s a cold winter, it is the “coldest winter in recorded history?” Well here we are deadsmack in the middle of weather patterns and seasons shifting. We are a couple of days into the summer, and it is freezing, and hot and raining, and dry. What is even happening? Aside from the unpredictability of the weather, it is almost impossible to dress comfortably for this new weather system. If you dress for what your Weather App says on the iPhone, you will probably be too hot or too cold within the hour, it’s very confusing.

All this to say, that on the first official day of Summer, I headed out to explore the hidden little secrets that Toronto has to offered, dressed in an outfit that was able to hug the borders of too hot / too cold. Wearing a very summery floral patterned short sleeve button-up shirt from streetwear brand LRG, mixed with a black pair of the classic KITH tapered Mercer pants, I was able to remain looking cool, even though at times I was hot and cold. On the feet, I broke out the white on white Nike Air Huarache Run PA running shoes. These super clean kicks feature some stingray leather paneling on the front for an added premium look. On the top I’m wearing the “Local Hooligan” snapback in the navy/white from streetwear brand/shop Community 54, classic Wayfarers from Ray-Ban, and, of course, the always present Apple Watch with the black Sportsband.

Take a look at the full “First Day of Summer” look below and remember, Global Warming jokes are lame.


U of T - Walking-Standing-1

U of T - Sitting Full

U of T - Sitting Hands-half

U of T - Sitting-Apple Watch

U of T - Sitting-Apple Watch-2

U of T - Nike Hurraches