What I Wore: Alexander Wang x H&M for Women

Alexander Wang X H&M Womens What I Wore

To celebrate the big reveal of the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration yesterday Tristan and I styled a few looks in the collection, to help you get a sense of how the pieces look and feel on a normal frame (not a model). I was so totally in love with that neoprene jacket on the model when the images first surfaced last month, and when I got it on finally I felt more super hero than human, especially with that amazing mesh t-shirt dress underneath it I’m wearing in the first look.

While I’m usually not the first the flaunt a label, this collection blends branding into the fashionable forefront. I love the graphic beanie, and the bodycon skirt I paired with the cropped neoprene sweater; it provides endless wang-related jokes not to mention the embossed letters are fun to play with. I’m very impressed with the construction and materials used to create these pieces given the price point.

Now on to the accessories. The shoes are like peep toe scuba suits for you feet that also snap up into a high top, detailed with suede, rubber, and the thinnest heel at the back. The sunglasses came with a crazy old school strap like your grandma used to wear, and are matte black with the words WANG cut out on the side. The backpack was a cool thick mesh and you can almost see what you put inside in a translucent way when you look at it. 

There were so many other pieces in this epic 250-piece collection we wished we could have featured, so you’ll definitely see us in line on November 6th to snag a pair of leather pants at the very least!

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