Hello friends. It’s that time again. This week we’ve got a cool grandma, some mean tweets, RiFF RAFF news, a marriage and a STACKED Drake Corner. All that and more below. Shall we? This week on the internet we’re loving…

This happy dog dancing to “Africa” by Toto

  What a jam.   Alvin And The Chipmunks Sludgefest     Toronto’s own Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck slowed down the Chipmunks and it sounds awesome. As he told NOW…  

“Why not? I really like it. I know it’s funny, but it’s also heavy, and it sounds beautiful. It makes you rethink the process involved, but there’s also just something poetic about it. Music is such an exploration of time, and it’s interesting the way you can manipulate that and change the intention. The vocals would have been recorded slow like that. That’s how the singer did them in a vocal booth in a studio, never to be heard in that original form.”

  Santigold’s 3D Selfie Printer Ad        We can’t get enough of “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself” ya know?     RiFF RAFF is Releasing a Book of Poetry    

Because of course.

This Guy Who Is Named Taylor Swift

  “It’s a great confidence booster!”     Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition   Best one yet.   This Grandma

▶️ Official trapper Great Gam Gam #wattba ???? A video posted by Threat Level Midnight (@lloydchristmas94) on

Turn up.

Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler Officiated an Impromptu Wedding

Just beautiful. Hilarious and beautiful.

Aziz Ansari was The Weeknd for Halloween

Happy Halloween.

A video posted by @azizansari on

This now officially makes Aziz a honorary Torontonian. Also, his original Netflix series Master of None is out now. DRAKE CORNERdrake-views-from-the-6-1

As you’ve probably heard/seen by now, there’s a new Drake billboard in town (see above). Drake posted an Instagram of it (that’s now taken down) with the caption “Be home soon.” This may mean Views From The 6 is right around the corner. We hear waiting Champagne Papi. Also, everything is Hotline Bling. All Hotline Bling. All the time. The Hotline Bling never ends.

Hotline Cat Hotline Bling Cat from Andy C on Vimeo. Bernie Sanders Bling Obligatory Stephanie Tanner Bling   Break-Up Bling

Trumpline Bing

Hotline Bling Cover With Actual Phones

and finally…


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