Weekend Weird

Weekend Weird Spet 25th

Welcome to this week’s addition of Weekend Weird. We got lots of weird for you this week. Animals, corn, and Tupac is alive. Plus, Drake corner returns! Kick back, relax, and get into it. Here’s all the weird we’re loving…


This New York City rat took pizza home on the subway…
I heard he’s a big fan of The Strokes.



This retired police officer on his death bed, who says Tupac is still aliveTaylor Swift will probably soon welcome him to the stage.

This Vine where Kanye says he likes robots…    

This wonderful human made a train for rescued dogs to ride… Chuu chuu? More like cuuuute cuuuute. Ugh woof that joke was terrible.     Also, related… dog comic ps. Check out more comics from this artist at Yellow Comics.     This guy with cornrows eating corn while listening to Korn… Very Korny. Corn cubed.     This 10-year old girl who is funnier than you… Saffron Herndon is a lil bad ass and hella hilarious.      

Got me lookin so crazy right now.


This make-up artist who will show you how to paint trippy face parts on your face…
New fall look.

This video of Bill Murray dancing to “Turn Down For What”…
Classic Bill.



Im more than just a number. I doubt you’ll find another #utsc #uoft #toronto #scarborough

A photo posted by Drake (@uoftdrizzy) on

This Instagram account imagines Drake as a U of T student.   Toronto Symphony Orchestra knows themselves…  
Baby Drake


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