WayHome Music Festival 2015: St. Vincent, July Talk, Brave Shore, & More

WayHome July Talk St Vincent Brave Shores Chad VanGaalen

Hangovers in tow, Wayhomies were prioritizing shaded areas over open fields on Day 3. 

We started things off with the Evening Hymns, who serenaded lawn sitters with a good portion of material from their new album due in September. Chad VanGaalen continued the laid back vibe, while sprinkling in some stage banter around hangovers and a run in with girl doing her business in the woods the day prior. Things kicked up a notch with local electro poppers Brave Shores while July Talk shook the entire grounds with probably one of the most attended sets on the Way Bright stage. Finally we ended our weekend with the stunning St Vincent.

All things considered, we had an absolute blast this weekend.  A lot of Canadian festivals are trying to step up to fill that much needed camping gap, but few have the ability or venue to do so. WAYHOME has it all. The incredible grounds, the budget and man power. This festival feels like home, whether it be the local acts, food venders, artists or the inevitability of bumping into everyone you know. 

And that’s what we’re most stoked about, a true camping festival to call our own. We may not have a dessert, mountains or a farm, but now we have WAYHOME. 

Evening Hymns

Evening Hymes WAYHOME 4

Evening Hymes WAYHOME 3

Evening Hymes WAYHOME 1

Evening Hymes WAYHOME 5

Evening Hymes WAYHOME 6

Chad VanGaalen

Chad Vangaalen WAYHOME 5

Chad Vangaalen WAYHOME 3

Chad Vangaalen WAYHOME 6

Chad Vangaalen WAYHOME 2

Chad Vangaalen WAYHOME 1

Brave Shores

Brave Shores WAYHOME 1

Brave Shores WAYHOME 3

Brave Shores WAYHOME 4

July Talk
July Talk WAYHOME 4

July Talk WAYHOME 7

July Talk WAYHOME 8

July Talk WAYHOME 3

July Talk WAYHOME 1

July Talk WAYHOME 2

July Talk WAYHOME 6

July Talk WAYHOME 5

July Talk WAYHOME 9

July Talk WAYHOME 10

St. Vincent

St Vincent WAYHOME 3

St Vincent WAYHOME 5

St Vincent WAYHOME 1

St Vincent WAYHOME 4

St Vincent WAYHOME 2

St Vincent WAYHOME 6

St Vincent WAYHOME 7