Shout out to cloud cover and a couple extra hours of sleep on Sunday morning.

Wayhomies across Burl’s Creek were given a break from the scorching weather on Day 3, which made getting in for Allie X at 1pm a little more manageable. Dilly Dally’s high energy jolted the WayHome crowd to life like a pair of musical defibrillators. Torquil Campbell of Stars proudly wore a shirt which read “DO IT FOR GORD”, a nice ode to Canadian icon Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip who is currently battling cancer. Beirut felt like a French vacation, while Dan Auerbach’s side project the Arcs laid down the weekend’s heaviest hour of power rock. Danish singer/songwriter and overall gorgeous human MØ had the WayBold stages dancing so much it caused a dust storm. And finally we wrapped up our weekend with a glass Glass Animals dance party.

This year, WayHome felt like it stood on the shoulders of its inaugural year. Whether it was the cashless wrist bands, added entertainment or additional art exhibits, there were more flags, water stations and shady areas to escape from the heat which is always a good thing. It’s sophomore swing felt a little less chaotic, and a little more organized. Just next year, we hope they turn up the volume on the WayBright stage.

All this being said, the hardest thing about WayHome is that it ends. And we have to leave. To become adults again. Worst.

Check out our first couple days of coverage here and here. Below are our day three snaps.

Glass Animals

The arcs
Dilly Dally
Allie X

Photos by Drew Yorke-Slader & Andrew Millard. Words by Andrew Millard