Water & Oil: Vogue Italia

There are a lot of editorials out there that are all candy-floss and fashionable fun, they excite and distract us from real life often launching us into a daydream. Yet every once and a while some brave editor lets something run that’s truly edgy and thought-provoking that reverts otherwise wayward eyes onto the glorious world of fashion.

This controversial editorial from the September issue of Vogue Italia is generating a huge flurry of dialogue from fashion insiders and outsiders alike both American and European.

Shot by American photographer Steven Meisel, the 24-page editorial features model Kristen McMenamy encrusted in oil uncomfortably perched on the rocks at the shore mimicking real beached animals, much the same way they must look along the Deepwater Horizon.

Now Italian and French Vogue have long histories of challenging consumerism, not to mention style within the environment, but it seems (especially to the American readers) they’re aiming to make a bit of a mockery of this tragedy.

We here at Sidewalk Hustle do not condone the destruction of couture but in this case it’s created a very pertinent dialogue, so we’ll let it slide (no oil-pun intended).

These photos make us a tad uncomfortable, but are rather invigorating at the same time. Pray tell us dear readers, what you think of them?