Iconic fashion designer Tom Ford has shared a new teaser trailer for his upcoming film Nocturnal Animals. Staring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, Ford adapted the screenplay from Austin Wright’s 1993 novel Tony and Susan. The book highlights the tale of Susan, a highly successful Los Angeles art gallery owner (Adams) who receives a manuscript from her estranged ex-husband, Edward (Gyllenhaal). Having not been in contact with each other for 20 years, Susan is essentially freaked out by: a) him contacting her, b) the gruesome violence detailed in his novel, c) the fact the novel is blatantly modeled after their past relationship. Susan even admits in the trailer, “I did something horrible to him.”

Susan’s got some serious skeletons in her closet. We’re on the edge of our seats and the trailer leaves us with so many more questions than answers.

The trailer is brimming with darkness, and with the title Nocturnal Animals, it’s no surprise most of the scenes take place throughout the night. Ford’s brilliant attention to detail doesn’t compromise the true star of his films – the impeccable costume styling of his characters. Even with his characters shrouded in nightfall, this two-minute trailer has us gasping over some of the costumes.

Nocturnal Animals marks the second feature film directed by Ford, following his critically acclaimed and Oscar-nominated 2009 adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel A Single Man.

Nocturnal Animals will be out in select theaters starting November 18. Watch the official teaser trailer above.