Today we’ve got the exclusive teaser video for Fendi’s latest episode in their series of Me and My Peekaboo videos here!

The Me and My Peekaboo campaign celebrates the 10th anniversary of Fendi’s iconic Peekaboo bag by featuring amazing women alongside female relatives. Past episodes have featured Kim Kardashian West, North West and Kris Jenner, K-Pop stars Jessica and Krystal Jung and more. The newest episode, which will be the sixth in the series, stars Japanese musicians, DJs, models, creators and sisters Ami and Aya. The pair began their careers in the modelling industry becoming icons of the Harajuku fashion style. Since then they have become international street style stars and have branched out into other creative industries with their unique style and perspective.

Watch the exclusive teaser for their episode of Fendi’s Me and My Peekaboo above and check out the full video tomorrow at