Eyewear brand Warby Parker hopes to develop into more of a lifestyle brand, offering products for even those with perfect vision. Founded in 2010, the brand quickly became the chic yet affordable alternative for those who wanted a choice of stylish glasses but didn’t want to shell out $500 for a new pair every year. Now, they’ve expanded into books. Last week, they debuted “50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses,” available in their brick and mortar shops as well as other booksellers.  The connection between those who love to read and those who wear glasses has always been pretty strong. Warby Parker even names several of their glasses after authors.

The book consists of 50 witty, surreal, sometimes-realistic scenarios in which a pair of glasses might go missing. It’s the ideal gift (HELLO, STOCKING STUFFER SEASON!) for anyone who has loved—and lost—a fine pair of frames.

Founder Neil Blumenthal hopes Warby Parker grows into more of a “tech-enabled lifestyle brand.” They also sell themed items in certain stores. For example, their Miami store sells swim caps. So far, we’ve loved their collaborations with other brands and their attention to detail in all their shops. We’re excited to see what other ventures they take on.