Wall Design Ideas to Spice up Your Living Space

Nearly all of us want to imbue an element of ourselves into our living space and make it feel more like home. Surprisingly enough, this is easier said than done. Coming up with interesting design ideas can be hard enough on its own, but following through and getting them to flourish can be an even bigger challenge than expected. Whether you’re redoing your living space and can’t seem to come up with design ideas, or you’ve relocated and want to spruce things up with lively designs, here are a few wall decoration ideas that can spice things up. 

A Roulette Wheel

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Whether they’re online or offline, the one thing casinos never seem to get wrong is luxury. Casino games have always brought a distinct style with them, and if you’re into the idea of making your home feel like walking into a high-end casino, then a roulette wheel mural could be a great choice. The simple design and the small number of colors could make this a DIY project you can finish yourself!

A Swirling Galaxy

On the topic of murals and DIY projects, there are tons of fun ideas you can experiment with until you find what works for you. One of the other suggestions you can try to bring to life is painting a mesmerizing galaxy. The intricate mix of swirling colors these types of paintings have is eye-catching and impressive while surprisingly easy to do on your own. With the help of some hand-made stencils, spray paint, and a few hours of hard work, you can take people on a beautiful journey through space from the comfort of your own home.

A Library Wall

A popular design trend that seems to be going around is turning your wall into a home library. If you’re a big fan of the written word and you’re fond of the idea of having your best titles displayed in an eye-pleasing manner, then this option is perfect for you. With some creative arrangement of wooden crates or planks on your wall, you can easily make it a neatly organized storage system for your books that doubles as a decorative masterpiece.

A Personal Gallery

If you’re not too big a fan of the other suggestions on here, there’s nothing wrong with putting a twist on the classic. Creating a gallery wall is easily the simplest, yet often the best-looking thing you can do to spice things up. To make things more interesting, get dozens of frames in different sizes, and place them strategically on your walls. The different sizes will make things seem a lot more playful than a plain old picture wall. You can choose to fill out your gallery wall with powerful photos that make a statement, or go for a more artsy approach and use different types of paintings.