Volvo Cars Canada has partnered with Casca, a Vancouver-based footwear brand to launch an exclusive, limited-run sneaker on World Car Free Day this September 22nd. It’s a natural fit for both brands, who prioritize a shared vision for a carbon-neutral future.

The sneaker is based on a conscious design using Scandinavian influences inspired by the pure electric Volvo XC40 Recharge to interpret Casca’s trademark clean lines. Casca’s first collaborative design, the Kör Knit sneaker not only uses new recycled materials including plastic bottles and recycled car tires, but also water-based low-energy UV treatment processes on the silhouette.

Let’s break down the silhouette a little more. First, 10% of each sole is made from recycled car tire — the first time this material has been used in a Casca shoe. The upper is constructed from seven recycled plastic bottles used to make the yarn for the flexible knit. The Swedish flag is represented, tucked neatly on one of the heels, while Casca’s signature yellow has been placed on the other.

Finally, the Thor hammer headlight, Volvo’s headlight nickname, is seen in the linework and paneling of the sneaker, revealing a performance-forward aesthetic compared to Casca’s typical Avro silhouette.

As a leader in sustainability, Volvo Cars Canada is committed to a healthier future, by encouraging Canadians to walk or cycle on World Free Car Day, as well as through its corporate commitment to become carbon neutral by 2040. Curious about how an automotive company can achieve this? First, by reducing their lifecycle emissions per vehicle by 40% by 2025, and by producing only fully electric vehicles by 2030. No small feat, but Volvo’s passion for innovation and vision for a better future for all is helping drive these goals forward.

World Free Car Day is celebrated in over 35 countries around the world, and was established to inspire individuals to adopt an active lifestyle, as well as raise awareness about the impact of air pollution caused by vehicles.

The Kör Knit sneakers come with a two-year product warranty, a further nod to Casca’s buy less, waste less philosophy and both brands commitment to ethical environmental practices. Grab a pair next week on World Car Free Day, September 22nd on Casca’s website here for $198 CAD.