Vancouver-based brand vitruvi has unveiled its best-selling Stone diffuser in three colourful new hues.

There’s Honey, a warm yellow, Rose, an earthy red, and Sea, a soothing blue. Each one triggers a unique mood and emotion. Honey is an uplifting, energizing hue that is sure to brighten your home and your mood. A nod to a blooming garden, Rose was designed to bring a dose of subtle luxury into your space. Inspired by the meditative waves of the ocean, Sea was designed to promote serenity, relaxation, and rest. With a cover crafted out of high-quality porcelain, the Stone diffuser doubles as a piece of decor, making it perfect for bedsides, countertops, and shelves. It can scent up to 500 square feet and has a run time of four and eight hours.

The new shades are available now at for $119 ea.