One of our favourite lifestyle brands Virgin Mobile just got a whole lot cooler. They’ve already been hooking us up with some of the coolest Member Benefits for the past half-decade and now we’re about to become way closer with the launch of their new app. One might even say they’re becoming part of our inner circle, a real homie if you will.

What better way to roll with the homies than right on our phone’s home screen, and we’re not talking about just texting. We’re talking your homies, the apps you rely on to get you through your day. They’ve earned a spot on your home screen and you use them multiple times a day, every single day. In other words, these apps got your proverbial back.

According to a recent survey Virgin Mobile Canada and Vision Critical conducted, two-thirds of Canadians regularly use between one and five apps every single day and have space for around ten apps on their home screens. So unless you’re rocking that giant iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note, basically the Escalades of mobile phones, you gotta be selective with which homies get a spot on home turf. While most of the apps on our home screen tend to be for social and photo sharing, we also make sure to save space for music, as well as travel and informational apps.

That’s why we dig Virgin Mobile’s new My Benefits App. It balances everything that’s important to us, including fashion, music, travel and food offers, right in one app. Some of the apps key features include a customizable Spotlight Page that lets you control the types of Benefits you want to see, as well as save Benefits on-the-go to your phone. The app will also send push notifications that alert you of new and nearby Benefits, as well as those that are about to expire so you don’t miss out. Consider it your pass into the VIP life, on-the-go everyday, wherever you go.

Virgin Mobile Members can take better advantage of amazing perks anytime, anywhere by downloading the app, while non-Members can also download the app to check out what they’re missing out on.

The My Benefits App is available now for Android and is coming soon to IOS. To learn more about Virgin Mobile Member Benefits head over here.