Virgin Mobile It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Virgin Mobile!

Virgin Mobile 10 Year

Sometimes it feels like we’re in a relationship with our wireless service providers. And just like any relationship some days we’re so in love and the next we just want out. We all want good relationships and this should be the same for the ones we’re in with our wireless service providers. A relationship is a two way street and when your service provider gives you more; we’re talking perks and customer service, that’s when you start hearing wedding bells. It’s time to give those unpleasant relationships and bad service the old heave ho and pick out a ring for the ones who are doing it right!

Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpie, after a bad break up, you might be feeling like something’s missing. Where has all the heartfelt service gone, am I right?

Virgin Mobile changed the game, offering amazing experiences and benefits for their Members everyday single day, and they’ve been doing it ever since. It was rarity, and it still is, for a service provider to actually give you something back, beyond what you’re paying for like Virgin Mobile does with their Member Benefits. In fact, this year Virgin Mobile took home the J.D. Power award for highest ranked Canadian Wireless Purchase Experience! Pretty rad, right?

Yes, you do indeed deserve crazy deals, discounts, and a chance at irresistible experiences, without compromising good service. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

It’s no shocker that 97% of all Canadians agree customer service is always important to them, while 95% agree they would take their business elsewhere for better service. You’re probably thinking, DUH! Why suffer through the hard years of a relationship when you know you deserve better?

How many more times are you going to have to break up with your service provider? You’re probably having a Homer Simpson moment, thinking something like “I gotta’ get me some of that!” Say goodbye to those dreaded phone calls arguing over phantom charges, mixed messages, and overage fees to some who isn’t really listening and HELLO to Member Benefits and VIP treatment every single day with Virgin Mobile! Because to them you’re not just a customer, you’re a Member and deserve to get those exclusive deals from awesome brands, a shot at a VIP experiences, AND good service.

So what’s Virgin Mobile doing for their 10th Birthday? Same thing they do every year! 10 years of great service and zero years of lip service!

For more details head over to the Virgin Mobile Member’s Lounge!