Video: Tyga & Mike Posner for Reebok Classics ‘It Takes A Lot To Make A Classic’

It’s harder than it looks. Take it from the guys who are on their way. They come from different places. Their stories definitely aren’t the same. But they share the hunger, drive and motivation that it takes to one day make it big and to make it Classic.

For this reason, and many other Reebok have tapped Tyga and Mike Posner to join the Classics team. These two grind it out by putting in the hours at the studio, writing rhymes, mixing, remixing. And from the looks of it, these guys aren’t anywhere close to being done.

Reebok Classics follow Tyga and Mike as they tell what it takes to rise above the nay-sayers and lock their spot as two of music’s rising superstars. Watch the spot below.