Video: The Making of WeSC Denim

There is something exquisitely beautiful about the jean making process. As a man, I wear jeans about 90% of the time, and I have a closet full of denim, covering the gambit of quality, make, price and style. So today I am happy to present to you the world exclusive video from WeSC documenting each meticulous step in their intricate denim making process. It is absolutely fascinating to see each component of the process,  from cutting to sewing to colour treating to stitching to affixing the labels and boxing the jeans up for shipment. The fact that each step requires an actual human being to oversea the process makes me happy that this form of manufacturing and fashion is requires dedicated oversight.  The video comes as part of‘s Denim Takeover. Enjoy!

The Making of WeSC Denim from WeSC on Vimeo.