Video: RSVP Gallery – APC Denim Washing Tutorial

Below is a video featuring Austin Neely discussing his Atelier de Production et de Création, aka A.P.C. brand raw selvage denim and the various washing techniques that can be employed. Austin wore his A.P.C. jeans for nine months before gently rinsing them in warm water and Woolite dark, revealing the custom fading, distressing and creasing due to repeated wear over time.

This video tutorial on how to properly take care of high quality denim is pretty much how I take care of all my denim jeans. It’s refreshing to know that other people think the same way as me. I’m actually breaking in a brand new pair of Naked & Famous ‘Weird Guy’ jeans, so the timing of this video is poetically perfect.

A.P.C. Jeans are available in two cuts in both black and blue at RSVP Gallery.

Neon & Nonsense : APC Washing Tutorial from RSVP Gallery on Vimeo.